Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Operator Training

Forklift Training Designed by Industry Experts

We and our students appreciate the importance of high quality forklift training and we constantly strive to make things even better. Our instructors have first-hand knowledge of the industry and training techniques that will get you on the top position in your company. What know what it takes to become a successful forklift operator in this industry and we prepare you according to that. We are offering forklift training for:

A). Companies | B). Individuals

Types of forklifts that we train for

There are so many types of forklifts being used in the industry. We are providing training for most of them. The two most common types of forklifts used in the UK are counterbalance truck and reach truck. The counterbalance forklift is great at balancing the load while the reach truck only moves forward once the load is completely secured and is ready to be carried. Both of these are used in our forklift training because they are widely found in warehouses around the country.

Funding option

If you do not have enough funds to enrol in our easily affordable forklift training then you can avail out 0% interest rate funding option which allows you to train now and pay later once done. We do not want any hiccups in your training and that’s why we have kept our forklift training rates competitive and cheap.

Novice forklift training (recommended)

This is the training that suits everyone. It is great for people who are new to the industry and subject. This forklift training is quite extensive and involves the details about each and everything. From the manoeuvring of the vehicle till the theoretical training, it involves everything.

Intermediate forklift training

This perfectly fits the people who are already familiar with the handling of the forklift and the industry. To enhance your forklift operator skills, go for our intermediate forklift training.

Refresher forklift training

Many companies require their employees to undergo refresher forklift training in order to ensure that workplace safety. We are offering refresher forklift training for groups and individual on affordable rates. If you went through forklift training years ago and want to now utilize it to make a career, refresher forklift training is a best option for you.

How much will I earn after forklift training?

Currently, forklift operators on initial positions are earning up to £30,000 per annum with increases with time and experience spent in the industry.


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